What are the causes and symptoms of uterine adenomyosis?

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Uterine adenomyosis is caused when the endometrial gland and stroma grow into the myometrium of uterus. It is frequently seen in woman who have already bred children, and closely related to pregnancy, uterine curettage, abortion and / or delivery.

Drugs frequently used to treat uterine adenomyosis include Gonadotropin release hormone agonists (GnRHa); Antagonist progesterone drugs; Androgen drugs and its derivatives, such as Danazol and gestrinone; gossypol and Chinese herb medicine. Medication is not a curative treatment, which will rebound after drug withdrawal. 

symptoms of uterine adenomyosis:

Dysmenorrhea: 30%-40% of the patients with adenomyosis are discovered with dysmenorrhea, which is often getting progressive during menstruation.
Menstrual disorders: it can result in increased menstrual quantity, prolonged menstrual periods and even anemia.
Infertility: about 30% - 40% patients with adenomyosis may become infertile.

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