Suffering from Uterine Fibroids or Adenomyosis?

Don't worry, now we have Non-invasive solutions! 
How Focused Ultrasound therapy treat your uterine fibroids/adenomyosis in a non-invasive way?


As sunbeams can be focused by convex lens, ultrasound beams can be focused by a transducers. The ultrasound beam can propagate through living tissue harmlessly and be focused at a tiny focal region. The energy in the focal region is high enough to induce an instant thermal toxicity (temperature above 60℃) which will cause irreversible coagultive necrosis.

A 3-dimensional therapeutic plan guarantee a conformal and precise ablation of the targeted lesions. It is a day treatment without bleeding and anaesthesia. Patients can go back to normal life or work the second day after the treatment, thus the total expenses of the whole period is even lower than other traditional invasive treatments.


Clinical Case


MRI images of a 50-year-old woman received US-guided HIFU ablation of submucosal uterine fibroid. The ablated fibroid was completely absorbed 2 years later. a: before treatment, b: 1week, c: 6 week, d:1 year, e: 2 year after HIFU treatment.

Wei Wang&Yang Wang&Ting Wang&Junyan Wang& Longxia Wang&Jie Tan. Safety and efficacy of US-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound for treatment of submucosal fibroids. Eur Radiol, 2012.