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Haifu experience sharing of an overseas Chinese in Thailand

Name: Xin lan (alias)
Date: 29th March 2016
Place: the World Medical Center, Thailand
Age: 41 years old
Sex: female
Occupation: manager
Presenting complaints: multiple uterine fibroids
Patients accepted HIFU ablation, the proce......

The first non-invasive treatment for South Africa in uterine fibroids

Breakthrough at Bara
First in Africa: New machine enables treatment without surgery. Doctors see organs on computers screens and treat patients remotely.......

Successful Pregnancy of a Spain Lady with the Aid of “HIFU”

The far away “China invented” technology brought a surprise to Spain- a baby was born after his mother, a uterine fibroids patient was treated by Ha......

I might have hope

Last week after I finished the HIFU treatment in Inchon Christian Hospital, laying on the bed in a dazed state, I received a piece of paper. Although I’m......

Never Give up Easily

Hi, my name is Rensu Lee, 42 years old. My uterine fibroids were treated in Inchon Christian Hospital on May 23rd, 2012 by using High Intensity Focused Ultrasou......

From Canada to Chongqing, a mother’s HIFU experience

From Canada to Shenzheng, from Shenzheng to Chongqing, She said High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Prof.Wang communicated with Dan dan’s motherShe inquiry......

Taiwan brother and sister’s HIFU story

Ms.Wang, who comes from the island of Taiwan, has a special feeling to Haifu. Suffered from uterine fibroid, Ms.Wang successfully kept her uterus by HIFU techno......

I called your name, and you are mine.

Please do not be afraid, I have redeemed you, I called your name, and you are mine.This passage recited from the Bible contributed to my meeting with HIFU, and......

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