From Canada to Chongqing, a mother’s HIFU experience

From Canada to Shenzheng, from Shenzheng to Chongqing, She said High Intensity Focused Ultrasound


Prof.Wang communicated with Dan dan’s mother

She inquiry first time in the YY internet inquiry

“Hello, are you Dandan’s mother ?” The first time when I see her, she looks like tired but happy. “Yes, it’s me, Here I come!”
There days ago, Dandan’s mother was just a patients who inquired in the YY internet platform, wondering whether she is suitable for HIFU ablation or not, with anxiety. Now she come to Haifu hospital with smile on her face.

Dandan’s mother is a Chinese Canadian with a happy family. However in 2009, she was diagnosed with adenomyosis, and the menstruation became a nightmare for her.
“In Canada, I took acyeterion, used contraceptive device, but no effect to me. Finally the doctor only told me to do the hysterectomy. ” Dandan’s mother told us she didn’t want to give up her uterus, so she began to search information on the internet. And fortunately she find something about HIFU which gave her a new hope.
Later, Dandans’ mother flied to China. She inquired some hospitals and doctors in Shenzhen and got some negative feedback. Some doctors do not suggest she do HIFU treatment and some doctors even said that they nervy heard about this technology!
But dandan’s mother said she was very confident about this trip because she trust the doctors in the YY internet inquiry after communicated with they. “So I booked the air tickt to Chongqing the next day! ”she said.