Never Give up Easily


Hi, my name is Rensu Lee, 42 years old. My uterine fibroids were treated in Inchon Christian Hospital on May 23rd, 2012 by using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.

Over confidence might get you hurt, same goes to health

I have been married for 15 years, with 2 kids. I seldom went to hospital except the delivery of my two kids and taking them to see doctors sometimes. Without realizing since when, I started to skip my regular physical examination. It did not mean that I felt alright, I was just worrying about some bad results which might be found during the examination, so I was afraid of going to hospital. But luckily, my body seemed alright then. However, from a few talks with my friends early this year, I noticed that health of many people went wrong, but they just tried to endure the un-comfort due to their difficulties in life. I felt depressed after every talk, so I decided to go for a physical examination with a heavy heart, and the result was uterine fibroids.

My doctor recommended myomectomy, or hysterectomy if no more demand for pregnancy. Even my friends and relatives said, uterus was useless now, just got rid of it and there would be no worries. But it is easier said than done, how can I just give my uterus up? From that day on, I searched documents about uterine fibroids online every day, and some words were cheerful, while others were devastating. I read about High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Therapy at that time, but ignored it because I had never heard about it before. I decided to talk with my husband after serious consideration. He listened to my explanation quietly, and then comforted me that we could find the best therapy for me. He started to ask about the treatment for uterine fibroids since then, and recommended “High Intensity Focused Ultrasound” as he heard “the treatment results were good”. Then we got to know that Inchon Christian Hospital, which is quite near to our home, could do HIFU treatment.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound therapy can ablate uterine fibroids with no open surgery or resection of the uterus. It is an epoch-marking therapy. The high intensity ultrasound outside the body can kill the tumor inside, leaving no scar, sequela, or side effects. I did not give too much hope to HIFU therapy at first, but the result showed that I should not worry at all. The doctor in Inchon Christian Hospital knew psychological states of the patients very well; he provided treatment not only for our disease, but also for the uneasy mood. We did not feel depressed or lost after seeing the doctor, which was totally different from our past experiences in other hospitals (once again, we really appreciate it).

We felt relieved and chose HIFU therapy after listening to the introduction of doctors, and the treatment result was satisfactory. I stayed at hospital for 3 days (I heard that some patients left hospital a few hours after treatment), taking this opportunity to have a rest at hospital until the next day in the morning after my treatment. My son did not believe that I had had treatment because there was no scar. “Myomectomy with no scar”, this is unbelievable, but that is what HIFU therapy can do. I really hope that more ladies suffering from uterine fibroids can know about HIFU treatment (especially for those with no children, I strongly recommend this therapy to them). Every part of our organ is important; so do not give it up easily. I wish my experiences can help the others.