I might have hope


Last week after I finished the HIFU treatment in Inchon Christian Hospital, laying on the bed in a dazed state, I received a piece of paper. Although I’m not totally recover, I still right the following article for the sake of helping more patients like me.

I’m a 30+ years old patients with adenomyosis come from Daegu,Korea.
It was in the summer of 2009 that I was diagnosed with adenomyosis for the first time. That was such a grievous news to me because it was several months earlier of my wedding. I hesitated whether to have the wedding or not, and want to conceal all of these to everybody. However, the severe dysmenorrhea became more and more horrible. I had no choice but told my husband the truth that I suffer a adenomyosis with dysmenorrhea and might impact my fertility. My husband hold my hand and said: You must suffer a lot, don’t worry and let’s face it together. His sweet answer comforted me and we got married and he stay together with me to face the disease in the last 3 years.

Before we get married, I tried dug injection for 6 months to decrease the size of the tumor and want to get pregnant, but failed. So I stopped injection when we get married but suffer a horrible dysmenorrhea in the next 8 months and showed all sorts of ugly behaviours in front of my husband. It was several times that the pain was so intolerable that I roll over on the bed and was send to the emergency room. However the miracle happen then, I got pregnant and I want to told this good news to everybody which also make my husband so happy. However maybe the happiness came too unexpected that we didn’t prepared well, our baby left us in the fourth month.

Although the baby left us, the complication after delivery not. Breast distending pain, striae gravidarum, lipsotrichia, all these pain combined with the suffering of losing my baby. What’s more, the dysmenorrhea come back again and afflict me for two years.

I hear that some other patients maybe suffer this once a month, but for me, the pain will never come late to afflict me. So every time 2 days before the menstruation, I will just whisper: “I want to die” or “someone help me please” and stay in the emergency room treating intravenous fluids all the day. This made me feel so guilt to my husband. But he all ways encourage me: never give up, everything gonna be fine! I really want to face this bravely, but I just don’t want afflict my husband anymore.

At that time, some friends recommend the high intensity focused ultrasoun treatment to me. The price of the treatment is not low and it’s difficult to make a decision to try this new technology. However it seems like the only straw that I can grab because I want to survive. Maybe someone might think it’s not a big deal to have pain in just two days every month. But they just don’t know that the two days actually ruin my whole months. I can even keep my designer career which I love. So I don’t want miss any hope, no matter what it is, I will try. I collected a lot of information and inquire a some doctors and nurse about HIFU treatment.

When I search information on the internet, I found the blog of Dr.Lee in the Inchon Christian Hospital. After we confirm that a lot of real case have been done by Dr. Lee, my husband and me made a appointment. Then my husband driving 5 hours and then we saw the doctor who is different from other gynaecologist. Instead told me to do the hysterectomy like other doctors that I met before, but gave me hope.

So I decide to trust this doctor and I’m very luck to be arranged the HIFU treatment in just 1 month. So I made a appointment and one month later I come to Inchon from Daegu.

Although I study a lot of information about this treatment, this is a brand new experience for me and I’m still worry a lot. For instance, it’s pain or not during the treatment? Even if not pain during the treatment, what about the symptom after the treatment? All of this make me anxious. One day before treatment, after I change the patient clothes, a nurse came and recorded some personal information and send a depilatory paste. I guess it is because it’s a hypogastrium treatment, and I think other patients also need to do it. I never do that, it’s not difficult, only a little bit awkward. I used the depilatory paste, and 5-10 minute later, just wipe it.(However I think it’s better to be done at home than in hospital, because it’s very ease but awkward )

After depilation,they gave me treated intravenous fluids and that is everything that day. For the food, it’s gruel of course, and I’m not suppose to eat or drink after 24 o’clock. The second morning I got MRI scanning and then star with the treatment. When I see the smiling face of the nurse and doctors, I feel less anxious and more brave. I told myself: It’s gonna be fine.

I lying on the table and got sedation, then I fall asleep. There was no pain or any discomfort during the whole treatment. I think it’s because of the sedation.

When I wake up, it’s already 1 hour later and I went back to patient’s room. Compare with the abdominal pain, the catheter make me fell more uncomfortable. There was a mild abdominal pain but feel much better after the injection of pain killer.

Although no pain, I fell upset when I lying on the table. My husband cry which also let me cry but not because of pain.

After the HIFU treatment, I was transfer to operating room for a endometrium protection treatment, preventing the risk of infection.That is how I grab the last life-saving straw-High Intensity Focused Ultrasound treatment. The whole treatment don’t feel too much pain, may be a little bit swelling pain, but disappear very soon. Although I still feel a little uncomfortable, but after all the treatment just finished few days, it’s different to make a judgment right now.

However the reason that I right such a long article after the treatment, is that I want to help these patients who are worried about the pain during the treatment.I hope my comment can help them. If I was treat several months ago, I guess I can write down a comment full of confidence. But now, the treatment just finished few days.

I used to be confused when I try to collect information about this technology due to the lack of enough details about the therapeutic process. So I hope my comment can help others. Also I hope next time I write comment, I can be much more confident to recommend this treatment to other patients with adenomyosis. Now I can not recommend every patient with adenomyosis like must take this treatment, but I think they really should make a inquiry about this noninvasive treatment.

Here I really hope everyone can recover as soon as possible.