Successful Pregnancy of a Spain Lady with the Aid of “HIFU”

The far away “China invented” technology brought a surprise to Spain- a baby was born after his mother, a uterine fibroids patient was treated by Haifu High intensity focused ultrasound tumor therapeutic system invented by the team led by Prof. Zhibiao Wang of Chongqing Medical University. He was the second such kind of child born after HIFU therapy. The new baby caused the swamping of the hospital hotline due to phone calls made by patients might be suitable for HIFU treatment.

Last Saturday, Marcos Vinicius was born at the University Hospital of Mutua de Terrassa, he weighted 3.23 kg and was one of the 2000 children born in this hospital every year. But this ordinary Spanish child is not only the sweet heart of his Catalonian father and Brazilian mother, but also a mile stone in the history of the OB&GY department led by Dr. Antoni Pessarrodona, a surprise brought by far away “China Invented” technology to Spain. He is the second child given birth to by a mother who got pregnant after her uterine fibroids were treated by Haifu high intensity focused ultrasound tumor therapeutic system.


On October, 2009, experts from all over the world gathered in Chongqing, the place where Haifu high intensity focused ultrasound tumor therapeutic system was invented for the first Yangtze International Summit of Noninvasive Focused Ultrasound. On the summit, the Medical Director and Director of OB&GY Department of HMT Hospital reported one exciting case that a patient got pregnant after her uterine fibroids were treated by HIFU. While everyone was immerged in this news and spreading it to other doctors and patients, a bigger piece of news came - the patient had delivered the baby successfully! Both the mother and child were doing well! This is the best award for the experts devoted in the technology and doctors with respect to life and organs, and also a gospel for patients with uterine fibroids but desiring for pregnancy!


the smiling face overflowed with happiness of the family and doctors


smile of healthy Marcos Vinicius

Uterine fibroids are regarded as the “first tumor” in gynecology, the most common benign tumor in mid-aged women. Data shows that among five women at childbearing age, there is one with fibroids in. As the patient group is getting younger within recent years, many young ladies are diagnosed with fibroids before they become a mother; the uterus space for baby is occupied by fibroids, and traditional therapies will leave sequel that might deprive the ability of woman to be a mother. Focused ultrasound therapy can ablate the tumor inside the body in vitro by using high intensity focused ultrasound, causing necrosis